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When SCUP 2011 Cleanup Wizard won't clean up...

In SCUP 2011, there's the Software Update Cleanup Wizard which will remove from WSUS any updates that are no longer in SCUP.
Only one problem: if the update exists in WSUS, but the content isn't in UpdateServicePackages, the clean up fails as it can't verify the signature of the cab file.

As the wizard doesn't care about the content of the file, it's quite easy to fool it.

Open SCUP.log and find the errorCreate a folder in UpdateServicePackages that matches the folder of the missing content. e.g. \\WSUS01\UpdateServicesPackages\7d0f53e4-482e-462d-b81b-127941c32091Find an existing cab file within the UpdateServicePackages folder and copy it into your new folderRename the copied cab file to the name of the missing cab in the SCUP folderRun the SCUP Cleanup Wizard againClean up success! Seems like a bug to me as removing the entry from the WSUS database shouldn't really care if the content exists.