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SCUP, WSUS, Dell and Error 0x8024000f

Update: See bottom of post for another variation on this.

Now here was a real barrel of laughs to track down and fix.
The setup:

Import the Dell Client catalogs into SCUP 2011Publish them all to WSUS with automatic (effectively metadata only)Check for updates from a client machineGet Error 0x8024000f in Windows update Upshot of this is that WSUS is broken and by extension, so are software updates via SCCM.
The culprit? Circular references in Dell's update catalog.
How to fix:

Turn on verbose logging for WSUS on a client PC http://support.micro...723#letmefixit2Check for updatesOpen c:\windows\windowsupdate.logSearch for the word "cycle"Get the update ID that has the circular referenceFind that update in SCUP and expire it (you may want to fix it, but I didn't bother as I don't need the affected updates)Publish the update againGo back to step 2 and keep repeating until Windows Update on the client PC works (I had about 8 with circular references)Turn off verbose log…