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IIS, Centralized Certificate Store and DFS

So it's time to build you new IIS 8 Web Farm with the wonderful Centralized Certificate Store, holding your certificates in a replicated DFS namespace.

Only thing is, CCS keeps complaining that it can't access your DFS share. Permissions are all good, a mapped drive with your user works fine, but it's still not having it.

The problem (for me anyway) was that I was using the content servers as the namespace servers as well.

First sign that something was wrong was that browsing to \\domain.local only shows netlogon and sysvol.
So I added one of the domain controllers as a namespace servers, disabled the content servers as namespace servers and there you go, CCS can access the certificate share.

I'm guessing this is a bug as Shared Configuration can access the same DFS share when not using the DCs as nameservers.