VAMT not discovering Windows 10 machines

There's currently a bug in VAMT 3.1 that prevents it finding Windows 10 machines in AD.
Quick fix for now:

  1. Change search settings to LDAP
  2. Add this as the query  LDAP://,DC=com??sub?(&(objectClass=computer))
  3. Search and there are your Windows 10 machines


  1. many thanks, that was driving me nuts :)

  2. Worked for me, thanks.
    Another crazy Windows 10 problem to add to my growing list of deployment fun :o)

  3. Thanks, works great!

    You can also use this if you just want the Windows 10 OS:

    LDAP://,DC=com??sub? (&(objectClass=computer)(operatingSystem=Windows\2010*))


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