DFS "Waiting for Initial Replication"

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You may encounter the error message "waiting for initial replication" when no primary member is currently specified on the DFS Replication. This DFS member is waiting for initial replication for replicated share folder Public and is not currently participating in replication. This delay can occur because the member is waiting for the DFS Replication service to retrieve replication settings from Active Directory. After the member detects that it is part of replication group, the member will begin initial replication.  Besides, there is also possiblity that DFS servers cannot contact domain controller which could result in the issue.

1. Please first verify that all the target folder of Public folder is enabled.  

2. Please use Dfsradmin to set the primary member in the situation where there is an existing replication group that is waiting for initial replication and no primary member is specified. 

Dfsradmin Membership Set /RGName:<replication group name> /RFName:<replicated folder name> /MemName:<member you want to be primary> /IsPrimary:True 

For example, assume that you want NA-DC-01 to be primary member server for the replicated folder DATA in the replication group RG1: 

Dfsradmin Membership Set /RGName:RG1 /RFName:DATA /MemName:NA-DC-01 /IsPrimary:True 

3. You may also run "Dfsrdiag Pollad" against all the members to force them to pick up this change as soon as possible. 

Dfsrdiag Pollad /Member:<member name> 

As you have setup primary member server and pollAD setting, one thing you may need to know: AD replication latency will often be a factor in how quickly the change is picked up. "Dfsrdiag Pollad" just tells the DFSR service to check its local DC for configuration changes. But if you ran the Dfsradmin command to set the primary member on a server that is using a different DC (very common in branch office scenarios), you will have to wait for that DC to replicate to the ones being used by the other DFSR members. 

4. Afterwards, please re-initial a AD replication and then check in the DFSR event log on the primary member you set. If the DFS share folder successfully initialized replication, you should see a 4002 event followed by a 4112 event on the member that is the designated primary member.
5. If the error message still occurs, we need to collect the DFSR debug log (%windir%\debug\Dfsr#####.log) on the primary member for further research.

Please note: Primary member server only take function during the initial replication. This is to say, the flag of primary member server will be automatically removed after the initial replication finishes.


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